The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent 

  It’s important to hire a Realtor who has the knowledge and tools to make the transaction feel seamless and has your best interests in mind…. While buying or selling a home can be a complex process, working with a real estate agent can make things easier and more efficient.A local agent has the area…

Housing affordability weakening at fastest pace in quarter century

With weakening housing affordability, home prices will begin to ease bringing buyer relief. Rising home prices, rising mortgage rates and rising demand are colliding with a critical shortage of homes for sale. And all of that is slamming housing affordability. Source: Housing affordability weakening at fastest pace in quarter century

5 Ways Gardening Can Make You Healthier

Gardening is my favorite therapy! Gardening is more than just a hobby—it also can be a great form of exercise! Here are 5 ways gardening can be good for you. Source: 5 Ways Gardening Can Make You Healthier

Guide to selling your first home

The Everything Guide to Selling Your First Home How to figure out exactly what you want, and how to work with the experts who’ll help you get it. Read  

Spoil Mom This Mother’s Day | California Home

May 13 is Mother’s Day – an opportunity to THANK MOM for all that she does the whole year through. Celebrate the fabulous lady in your life by planning a special day just for her. After all, quality time with you is likely her idea of the perfect present! Source: Spoil Mom This Mother’s Day…

Keeping Current Matters | 61% of First-Time Buyers Put Down Less than 6%

According to the National Association of Realtors’ latest Realtors Confidence Index, 61% of first-time homebuyers purchased their homes with down payments below 6% from October 2016 through November 2017. Call me today and I can refer you to a great lender to help you get started on the road to purchasing a home with a…